Yoga has been an important part of my journey of self-change. Little did I know when I started to practice Yoga that one day I would be teaching. This was not my intention when I started taking lessons. Was I in for a surprise! I teach Hatha Yoga. The Yoga of movement. Hatha means: ha - sun and tha - moon and yoga means to yoke or join. My teaching style is very eclectic and a blend of the many teachers I have studied with over the years. On the open-flow classes they are just that...a flow. I never know what the class needs until I get there and follow my inner guidance. After class when someone says, "how did you know what I needed"? Or when a student told me she was happy I got her message. I asked "what message" and was told that she prayed all the way to class that I would teach certain things and I did, so I "got her message". I also teach a more structured class to beginners but not too structured. I always want to be able to "go with the flow". Basically, my classes consist of: breathing, yoga stretches, relaxation and self-healing techniques i.e. acupressure, reflexology and other forms of movement that are gentle and non-invasive. NOTE: A CD of one of my classes is now available. Please email or call me to purchase one. For information on locations and times of Yoga classes, please check the calendar section.

For an appointment, call or email Kathleen at (614)-294-3963 or